Matt and George

About us

Rethink Your dotCom and see what you can accomplish.

We are the Sapphire Collaborative and our name was carefully chosen to represent who we are and what we do for our clients. The owners of the company were both born in September, making sapphire their birthstone, and the mission of the company is to work closely with clients to increase their profits through forward thinking ways to use technology.

The Sapphire Collaborative team has been working with small businesses since 1997, and within the jewelry industry since 2003. To date we've seen many internet technologies and ideas come and go all while guiding more than 1000 businesses through the perils of the internet. Our customer list includes more than 400 different jewelers, manufacturers, and service professionals that we helped produce the best possible business growth results.

A long time ago we started as computer consultant and website programmers, but this modern age of technology has sped up a lot faster than most small businesses can keep up with. We definitely keep up, and in some case we're the one who have broken new technology ground.

Meet Matt and George


 Sapphire  Collaborative is the longterm business and project from Matthew Perosi  and George Blair IV.  Business partners for more than a decade, they are  the perfect blend of technical acuity and social understanding of the  retail industry. 

Matthew Perosi is a programmer and trained  analyst of website data, and is able to translate it to the clients who  start their business plans with "I'm not a computer person," so you feel  confident in the choices you make.

George Blair IV joined Matt in 2003 to re-invent how we do websites, and golly, it's amazing where we've gone in that time.

We  get it.  You can spend your time on another website platform and upload  your products, and work on getting your descriptions correct and  formatted, and hope for the best.  That would be great if you weren't  already in a different business.  You can look to us as passionate  programmers and internet users to know exactly what you should be doing  for your website--and then focus on what's important to you: your craft,  your service, and your community.

We're  real people and you can count on us to respectfully and honestly  analyze your past efforts, your future goals, and handle the immediacy  of your website and internet marketing needs.